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Kenwood Car Audio Store

Kenwood CD & MP3 Players

Kenwood KMM-BT205 Bluetooth USB Audio Receiver

Item No: KMMBT205
RRP: AU$149

Our Price: AU$139

Save: AU$10

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Kenwood KMM-BT306 Bluetooth USB Audio Receiver

Item No: KMMBT306
RRP: AU$159

Our Price: AU$149

Save: AU$10

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Kenwood KDC-BT530U CD USB Bluetooth Receiver

Item No: KDCBT530U
RRP: AU$209

Our Price: AU$199

Save: AU$10

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Kenwood KMM-BT506DAB USB DAB+Receiver

Item No: KMMBT506DAB
RRP: AU$199

Our Price: AU$199

Save: AU$0

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Kenwood DVD & VisualKenwood Speakers

Kenwood KFC-S1676EX 6inch 2 Way Speakers

Item No: KFCS1676EX
RRP: AU$99

Our Price: AU$68

Save: AU$31

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Kenwood KFC-M614P 6inch 300Watts Component Speakers

Item No: KFCM614P
RRP: AU$249

Our Price: AU$126

Save: AU$123

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Kenwood Subwoofers

Kenwood KFC-PS2516W 10inch Subwoofer 1300 Watts peak

Item No: KFCPS2516W
RRP: AU$99

Our Price: AU$88

Save: AU$11

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Kenwood KFC-MW3000 12inch Car Subwoofer

Item No: KFCMW3000
RRP: AU$199

Our Price: AU$88

Save: AU$111

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Kenwood KFC-PS3017W 12 inch Subwoofer

Item No: KFCPS3017W
RRP: AU$129

Our Price: AU$108

Save: AU$21

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Kenwood KFC-WPS1000F 10inch Subwoofer

Item No: KFCWPS1000F
RRP: AU$279

Our Price: AU$143

Save: AU$136

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Kenwood KFC-WPS1200F 12inch Subwoofer

Item No: KFCWPS1200F
RRP: AU$299

Our Price: AU$179

Save: AU$120

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Kenwood Add Ons

Kenwood KCA-IP202 iPhone iPod Audio Video Cable

Item No: KCAIP202
RRP: AU$99

Our Price: AU$20

Save: AU$79

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Kenwood KCA-MH100A

Item No: KCAMH100A
RRP: AU$50

Our Price: AU$38

Save: AU$12

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Kenwood External Microphone KCA-MC10

Item No: KCAMC10
RRP: AU$49

Our Price: AU$48

Save: AU$1

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Kenwood KCA-IP302V iPod Interface USB

Item No: KCAIP302V
RRP: AU$99

Our Price: AU$69

Save: AU$30

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Kenwood CMOS-130 Reverse Camera

Item No: CMOS130
RRP: AU$129

Our Price: AU$79

Save: AU$50

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Kenwood DRV-N520 Dash Camera

Item No: DRVN520
RRP: AU$349

Our Price: AU$279

Save: AU$70

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