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Car Audio Accessories - Subwoofer Boxes - Ported Boxes

DNA ASC510SLSP 10inch Slimline Ported Subwoofer Box

Item No: ASC510SLSP
RRP: AU$99

Our Price: AU$65

Save: AU$34

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12 In Slimline Slot Ported Subwoofer Box

Item No: ASC512SLSP
RRP: AU$79

Our Price: AU$69

Save: AU$10

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Aerpro MAX122 12inch Subwoofer Box

Item No: MAX122
RRP: AU$107

Our Price: AU$101

Save: AU$6

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UB12S2 12inch Ported Sub Box

Item No: UB12S2
RRP: AU$140

Our Price: AU$133

Save: AU$7

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Aerpro PBCP15S 15inch Subwoofer Box

Item No: PBCP15S
RRP: AU$149

Our Price: AU$141

Save: AU$8

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UB15S 15inch Ported Sub Box

Item No: UB15S
RRP: AU$229

Our Price: AU$217

Save: AU$12

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