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Stinger Pro Series Positive Battery Terminal 4 Ga + 8 Ga Krome SBT428PPT

Stinger Pro Series Positive Battery Terminal 4 Ga + 8 Ga Krome SBT428PPT Item No: SBT428PPT
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Exclusive, patent-pending Spira-Lok technology provides the ultimate battery connection. The key to Stinger Spira-Lok is the progressive spiral-cut groove around the inside of the battery terminal that enables a very tight and secure connection with the flick of your wrist. This new approach increases ease of installation, connection integrity and conductivity of the terminal. To install, you simply place the terminal 90 degrees counter clockwise from the desired final position, apply slight downward pressure while turning the terminal clockwise to seat it. You are literally threading the Spira-Lok terminal to the battery post! Once the terminal has been threaded onto the battery post, it is then secured in place with its locking bolt. Vertical relief cuts are also added to prevent material build up in the Spira-Lok groove and to increase the clamping force psi (pounds per square inch).
Start your power management system with Stinger’s versatile battery terminals for top post and side mount (GM style) batteries. These unique terminals start as solid brass machined into one of our custom designs and are available in platinum or 24K Gold plating.

Small Multi-Output

  • These unique battery terminals completely cover the battery’s post to provide an ultra clean look.
  • The side clamping design ensures a tight fit on top post battery terminals.
  • The multiple outputs consist of one 4 gauge and two 8 gauge outputs with Allen set screw termination.
  • SBT428PPT: Positive, Platinum.

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